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Domain Price Update

Price update from
.com 1349 BDT Registar
.org 1550 BDT Registar
.xyz 450 BDT Registar
.net 1610 BDT Registar
.top 385 BDT Registar
.com.bd 3000 BDT Registar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is DNSLT?
    DNSLT is a tool to lookup whois information of a domain, IP or ASN. It is built for people and anyone can use it for free.
  • What is Whois?
    Whois is a set of data which contains ownership and other information of a domain name, IP or ASN.
  • Whois info updated but here showing old info yet.
    DNSLT use a cache data for 30 minutes. That means you will the same whois data for the next 30 minutes once you searched a whois data. After 30 minutes, you will see a reload button right side of the Domain Info section. Click on it, the data will be updated.
  • Why getting "Invalid input!" message?
    It is because you have entered data in wrong format. For domain name, you need to enter the full domain name, example: dnslt.com. For IP, you need to enter the full IP address, example: or 2001:DF2:B780::1. For ASN enter the full autonomous system number with prefix “AS.” Example: AS140068.